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Religious Education Teachers

Project Update

The team is currently looking for RE teachers to complete a questionnaire on their perspectives, views and personal lives. The questionnaire is online and takes approx. 25 minutes to complete. You can access the questionnaire here.

This follows 30 in-depth interviews with RE teachers that have already been conducted.

Project Overview

The Life of the Religious Education Teacher project explores the contribution of religious education to character education, with a focus on examining the role of the teacher of religious education in secondary schools in England. 

The research questions for this project are:

  • How do secondary school teachers of religious education perceive the relationship between their personal worldviews and their professional roles as character educators?
  • How could the major religious traditions of the world (their cosmologies, mythologies and moral parables) provide wisdom in a multicultural context that would be mutually benefitting and acceptable to the public?
  • How could persons of virtue in religions exemplify character traits to be modelled in a student’s life?

These questions will be pursued in collaboration with volunteer teacher participants through in-depth life history interviews, and an innovative online questionnaire. The data generated by these methods will allow for sophisticated analyses of the relationships between teachers’ own character development and their classroom vocation, and for a greater understanding of the rich potential of religious education for character education more generally.

Read our Virtue Insight blog which introduces the project.



If you have any further questions about the project, please contact Dr Daniel Moulin-Stożek or Jason Metcalfe.

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