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In addition to the Research reports and academic publications that are available to download for free, the Centre also produce a range of practice-orientated publications. These include our Framework for Character Education in Schools, our Statement on Youth Social Action and Character Development and case studies and practical resources for teaching character in schools, both within curriculum subjects and as a discrete subject. You can download the publications below by clicking on the images.

All of the publications are available to download on to your mobile device or tablet through the free Jubilee Centre App which is now available on the Apple Store



The Framework for Character Education in Schools sets out the Jubilee Centre's position on character education and calls for all schools to be explicit about how they develop the character virtues of their students. A printable version of the Model of Moral Development can be downloaded here.

The Statement on Teacher Education and Character Education emphasises the importance of preparing teachers for the moral complexities of the profession and sets out key recommendations for teacher education.

The Statement on Youth Social Action and Character Development sets out the ways in which youth social action is an effective and meaningful way to develop young people’s character virtues.

The Statement on Character, Virtue and Practical Wisdom in the Professions aims to open up space for renewed debate, discussion and dialogue about the place of character, virtue and practical wisdom in professional practice. 

Teaching Character Through the Curriculum demonstrates how character might be taught through fourteen secondary school curriculum subjects providing learning and teaching activities for in the classroom.

Schools of Character showcases seven schools, both private and state, that make character education a conscious part of their day to day practice through a variety of approaches.

The Character Education in UK Schools report presents the findings of an extensive study of character education, including over 10,000 students and 255 teachers.

The Good Teacher report describes research that focused on virtues and character in teaching. The research explored the virtues that the good teacher might need and the role those virtues play in teaching.

The Knightly Virtues programme explores virtues through stories. The effectiveness of the programme was tested using several rigorous research methods which are detailed in this report.

The My Character report describes a Feasibility Study which aimed to develop a better understanding of how interventions can develop future-mindedness in young people.

The #iwill Ambassadors brochure 2014 showcases 50 inspiring young people for their commitment to youth social action. The brochure begins with a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Transforming Young People and Communities outlines the key steps schools can take to set up and implement youth social action programmes and provides advice, ideas and inspiration from head teachers running primary, secondary and colleges.

The #iwill Ambassadors brochure 2015 recognises the outstanding service of 50 young people dedicated to youth social action. The brochure includes a foreword by Sir Nick Parker, Chairman of Step Up To Serve.

The #iwill Ambassadors brochure 2016 recognises the outstanding service of 50 young people dedicated to youth social action. The brochure includes a foreword by Adele Roberts, Radio 1 DJ and #iwill campaign celebrity ambassador.

The #iwill Ambassadors brochure 2017 recognises the outstanding service of 50 young people dedicated to youth social action. The brochure includes a foreword by Professor James Arthur, Director of the Jubilee Centre.